Award winning multimedia artist HJIMvanGasteren (Henriëtte Johanna Ignatia Maria van Gasteren), formerly known as Lilith, was born in 1964 in Sevenum, the Netherlands.  She has been widely exhibited, throughout Europe and the U.S.
She uses self-portraits to provide a commentary on the image of women today.  Recurring themes in her work include identity, gender roles, freedom, equality, religion and the positive and negative aspects of human experience.  Her work is sometimes humorous, often sensual, frequently confrontational, and always original and insightful.
Her work belongs to international museumcollections and is frequently collected by contemporary art collectors.
Henriëtte currently resides and works in the Netherlands. 

Partner Henk Temming (singer/producer).

Artist statement
People are vulnerable. They can be wounded, severely, and this is frightening.  With globalization and the online revolution, our whole world can be exposed to those with evil intentions. At the same time, goodness and kindness are spreading like never before.
To me as an artist, this innate vulnerability of mankind represents the ultimate form of goodness. My art, every single self-portrait, is a form of expedition, taken one step at a time, to discover the very contours of this inner vulnerability.  In this way, through my photography,  I am able to rediscover and rekindle my faith in humanity.