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A house is not a home: Overview of Lilith’s self-portraits from 2006 till 2013.
Dimensions 30 x 25 cm landscape, 228 pages, full color, hardcover bound, an original picture included.
Multilingual: Dutch, English, German
Design Edwin Smet
ISBN: 978-90-819714-1-6
Preview here A house is not a home


Skinny Dipping – Explicit content.
About 1000 of Lilith’s selfportraits photographed in the tub, documenting her (inner) transformation during 2013/2016.
30 x 25 cm landscape, 354 pages, full color, hardcover bound.
Multilingual: Dutch, English, German, French
Design Edwin Smet
ISBN: 978-90-819714-2-3
Preview here Skinny Dipping

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