Who will sponsor my book without knowing exactly what he will receive? Who shows that much faith in my work? For 150 euros (inc VAT and shipping costs within the Netherlands) you will receive my new book (approx. 172 pages of self-portraits and texts) plus this signed self-portrait “Ich hab’ nichts anzumelden” dim. 13×18 cm on museum-quality paper and your name as a hero in my book. As soon as fifteen daring people have supported this campaign, I will reward their courage by raffling among them the unique self-portrait ed. 1/1 “Ich hab’ nichts anzumelden” (2013), dimensions 96×66 cm with a wooden frame wrapped in butter paper. Without censorship star of course. Regular sales price € 2,500.00.
Feel free to participate more than once.
Daredevils saying ‘yes’ can mail me: hvangasteren@ziggo.nl Please, send your postal address as well and let me know if you would like to receive an invoice.
Payment is possible through paypal (hvangasteren@ziggo.nl) or bank transfer: NL46RABO0147229707 BIC RABONL2U in the name of H. van Gasteren.
Shipping costs of the unique self-portrait abroad: to be agreed.

You can find an impression of my prior books here

P.s. the book-to-be will published in June 2020.

P.p.s. What is this self-portrait about? Well, about the period shortly after WWII: “On the well-known Bittweg (pilgrim’s road) between Moresnet and Aachen, a corpulent lady was traveling on a cold winter’s day. At the devotion cross Am Roten Kreuz, she was stopped by Belgian customs officers and because physical visitation of a woman cannot be done by a man, the suspect woman was taken to a forest hut, where the wood-burning stove burned brightly during that winter day. The customs officers added a few more blocks and a sauna temperature reigned in no time. The woman, who was sitting next to the glowing hot stove, got sticky, from the heat, but even more from the melting butter dripping on the bottom of the hut. To prevent further calamity, she got rid of her dairy burden and they allowed her to continue her way. What the customs officers did with the butter is unknown … “(https://www.opdegrens.eu/hansh/2010/botersmo.htm )
And: “It was a game that was played between officers and smugglers. Nobody got worse from playing it.”