Mijn zelfportret behoort tot 20 geselecteerde inzendingen van meer dan 600 kunstenaars. Klik hier
‘This is a Man’s World’ sang James Brown. What does that mean for women? For the summer issue of See All This, iMAE, the Master ‘Artist Educator’ of ArtEZ, and Ello, the online platform for creative soules, joined forces. On Ello an ‘Artists Invite’ was sent out: female artists could send in their work the past few months. No less than 600 artists submitted their work. Twenty artists were selected for this online blog from which 10 are also included in the summer issue of See All This magazine. Students of the Master ‘Artist Educator’ wrote personal notes to each selected artist:
En dit zegt Eibert over mijn zelfportret ‘Butcher’ : ‘Your use of a woman as a commodity to be butchered and sold is a powerful statement, and a interesting reflection on society. You are creating a narrative by selling the woman as a product to be used and disregarded and the position she should have. Not just the problem of today but a possible solution for tomorrow.’