These 11 female nude photographers have forever impacted the nude photography industry.
Their efforts pushed the limits of what was possible with the camera and produced classic works of art that will inspire photographers for decades to come.
They have developed an innovative photography style that will continue to develop and expand for years to come by taking a courageous stand against social standards.
Volgens PhotoWhoa behoor ik tot de top 11 ‘Famous Female Nude Photographers’ samen met:
1. Annie Leibovitz
2. Nan Goldin
3. Sally Mann
4. Lalla Essaydi
5. Lilith / HJIMvanGasteren
6. Lauren Naylor
7. Bettina Rheims
8. Gracie Hagen
9. Mona Kuhn
10. Denisse Ariana Pérez
11. Cindy Sherman